Thursday, April 1, 2010

wow bao!

yesterday, my friend jaime and i took advantage of the amazing weather that blessed chicago and walked (further than one block - shocking!) to get lunch. i took her to wow bao, a place i discovered back during my first year of law school. it's off the beaten path, on a street that doesn't exist until you're practically out of the loop (financial st.? never heard of it), so i've had the pleasure of introducing wow bao to a lot of friends who haven't tried it before. the reaction is largely uniform: obsession followed by regular bao cravings. luckily, since this place is kind of out of the way for some people, it keeps you from od'ing on bao (something i experienced with jimmy johns, chipotle, qdoba and panera bread. woops) and makes every time you go there ahhhhmazing.
yes, that's me taking the picture of jaime, IN A DRESS! no more pants till october.

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