Sunday, February 21, 2010

the most wonderful time of the year

other than christmas, of course (which just so happens to coincide with the day of my birth). no, friends, restaurant week is upon us. the one week in chicago when the gainlessly employed, student-loan-ridden, 25-year-olds who have yet to have a salary-paying job are able to enjoy three-course, prix-fixe meals at restaurants whose names we cannot pronounce and who similarly would usually not bother having our names on their reservation list. ah, restaurant week.

normally i wouldn't care. up until a little while ago, my restaurant repertoire was pretty much set (read: going to maria's mexican restaurant once a month with my parents - the very same we've been going to since i was 6 - and following my much-more-culinarily-advanced friend kiki to her favorite places). hence, restaurant week held little appeal. i already had a knowledgeable tour guide and a family favorite. everything changed when i decided to move to new orleans, home of gumbo, bbq shrimp, creole tomatoes, remoulade and po'boys, from chicago, home of basically everything else there is to eat in the world. i decided that i needed to try as many new places as i could, so i could move to new orleans knowing that i was officially a foodie worthy of living in a city emeril lagasse and paul prudhomme call home.

so far i've done pretty well for myself. i've managed to frequent at least one new place per weekend (which is impressive considering my attempt at a clean diet coupled with my minimal cash flow). this weekend i reached a new record (2) AND i got to introduce marty to one of my favorite places, wilde (not to be mistaken for the wild pug, where we went the other night). my new places this weekend were the bagel, an amazingly delicious deli in lakeview where i stuffed my face with a turkey reuben and potato pancakes, and the gage on michigan avenue, a delicious "gastropub" (aka modernized english/irish/scottish food which is totally YUM).

the ridiculously tempting dessert counter at the bagel.
literally everything was covered in chocolate.

i forgot my camera at wilde. boo.
so here is an iphone shot of the outside.

all in all, an incredibly successful weekend!
i'm NOT going to think about the 1 million calories i consumed.

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  1. i would like to think that my superb culinary skills have influenced you just a wee bit. I mean, it's been how many years of living with you? Although Polish in nature, I would consider you my Italian-by environment friend who has a knack for cooking! Excited to be a part of your journey...and will take part of your weekend dining adventures. Although a shout-out to me better be made soon!