Monday, April 12, 2010

another day, another birthday

lots of april birthdays! yesterday my family and i went to our favorite place for mexican to celebrate my friend magdalen's dad's birthday.
here's magdalen with my jetlagged mom and dad, who's doing his "gaze of far-off wonderment" look
magdalen's boyfriend aaron having his first maria's experience (is it just me, or is there pure joy in his eyes right now?) and the birthday man (boy would be so inappropriate in this context), trying my dad's photo pose on for size
love them
of course mark did the token "fake bathroom run" in order to orchestrate a rousing chorus of happy birthday (hearing a bunch of waiters struggle through "happy birthday, dear krystof" was entertaining to say the least) followed by a shot of tequila and fried ice cream doused in kahlua. the sombrero is not for keeps, unfortunately
i sat back and laughed my giddy, "thank goodness no one is singing to me," laugh
"get this thing off of me. now"

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