Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ensems fit for... a dog

since my roommates and i are dog owners for the next few days, and since my roommates are having a birthday get-together at our house on saturday night, i figure we have to get toni ready to part-ay (although i'm pretty sure she'll be back at her actual house by then. a girl can dream, however, of walking around with a decked out puppy on her arm, with a glass of Champagne in the other hand, guests fawning over them both... oh wait, i'm not a hilton). check out these adorable and super-ridiculous outfits from new york pet fashion week (yes, it exists):
this might be a bit too costume-y for toni
this is more of a day look
i think this is perfect. we'd have a hard time pinning feathers in toni's hair because she barely has any, but the pink tulle and beading are just right for our evening affair.

um, i might be going overboard, yes. but i've never had a dog!
and don't worry, i'd never actually dress a dog like this. i just stumbled across these images and figured today was a perfect day to share them. can someone find some normal pet clothes, please?

images via sea of shoes

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  1. i love the feathers! i think i want that costume for myself