Monday, April 5, 2010

it's a good thing i've sworn off pants...

because after the easter weekend i just had, they won't be fitting for a while. the weekend started off pretty tamely, with a roommate barbecue on our deck. we took advantage of the incredibly warm (but windy) weather and grilled wings, shrimp, drumsticks and pineapple before the propane tank ran out and we had to bake the food in the oven. oh well. it was still delicious - especially with the gallon jug of sangria for three.
thankfully the night was incredibly pleasant, so we watched the sunset and enjoyed the warmth.
friday marked marty's long-awaited arrival. he obliged my craving for a margarita and we made a beeline for the mexican restaurant closest to the airport. afterward we ate old-fashioned fish-fry and i nursed a chips and guac, fish fry and waffle fries, one beer and two margaritas-induced food coma on the way home.
saturday morning i woke up super early and rushed to my parents house in order to dye easter eggs (i wanted to make them like this) like a good daughter and came home to see my dad had already... um... "decorated" them (for lack of a better word)...
i guess you could call these eggs with attitude. the priest at church found them highly amusing, in any case.

in case you're wondering, the reason the eggs are placed so lovingly in a basket with salt and pepper, meat and bread on top of a lovely (grandma made) doily is because we poles get the eggs blessed at church. it's now pretty common in "american" churches in the chicagoland area because of our numbers, and people show up with glorified shopping carts to get their entire easter meals blessed. it's quite the phenomenon.

on sunday, after an easter saturday full of gluttony, we continued the trend and went to brunch at francesca's in forest park. it was breezy and lovely out, so we grabbed a table on the patio.
unfortunately a coat was still required.
i love forest park. it's the cutest.
and i love my dad. he's the cutest.
crispy fried polenta, scrambled eggs, mozzarella cheese, spicy pomodoro sauce and italian sausage. oh yes.
marty pointed out a halo around the sun. thankfully he was there to explain the science behind it, not like any of it sunk in.

how did you spend your easter weekend?

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