Tuesday, April 6, 2010

deal of the day

roommate and i took a little trip to buy popular demand, one of my favorite consignment shops, in search for jeans (for her) and random gems (for me). while i didn't necessarily strike out in the clothes department, given that i walked away with a $14 handkerchief-print dress and $8 gap pencil skirt, my real success of the trip was this vase:
i'd seen this pretty, colorful piece many times before, and each time i'd determined it wasn't worth the $15 price tag*. this time, i walked in and picked it up again and saw that it had been marked down to $10. the fact that no one had scooped it up, coupled with the markdown, changed my mind and i immediately put it behind the counter for safe-keeping!
on the bottom of this adorable little vase is the artist's name, zoe crane. has anyone ever heard of her? surprisingly it's quite a common name, so i haven't been able to find her online.
i ripped off the price tag and honored my new vase with a spot next to my treasured elephants and vintage lamp.

*i know what you're thinking - $15? seriously? keep in mind that while i was debating my purchase my roommate was scooping up a $2.50 pair of jeans and had just bought a $4 j.crew blazer at another shop. so, in my defense, $15 is a lot of money in the consignment world.

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  1. hahaha yes very true, $15 is a little pricey. i went to the grocery store last night and bought 4 avocados and thought to myself, "geez i can get 2 pairs of jeans for this!"