Tuesday, April 6, 2010

family traditions

i spent easter saturday at my mom's best friend's house, who also moonlights as my "aunt" (as an immigrant, i'll take what - or who - i can get). her name is ela and she is an artist: give her an empty wall, mismatched beads, styrofoam, a paintbrush or hot glue gun, and she will fashion an original piece of artistry. she has inspired my many (amateur in comparison) projects and my overall artistic, diy aspirations.

it goes without saying that her home is full of original artwork, murals and other crafts. my favorite part of the house, however, is her handprint wall. years ago she painted the wall leading down to her basement with bold, thick stripes, dipped her hand in some paint and smashed it against the wall. ever since then, any time a guest has come to her home, she's invited them to leave a permanent imprint of themselves on her wall:
this easter, marty was inaugurated onto the wall:
he chose forest green. actually, i think ela chose it for him "because he's irish"
little sonia, my "cousin's" (not really) daughter oversaw everything
marty put his handprint next to mine from nov. 27, 1999

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