Saturday, February 27, 2010

doesn't get more polish than this

(yes those are two vats full of pickles and sauerkraut. don't ask)

something i definitely WILL miss: trips to the deli with my mother to stock up on things like kapusta, pierogi, barszcz, salatka and the like (google these if you really want to know whats up). i took advantage of shakeitphoto (which makes everything look better and more romantic, even raw meat (see below)) to snap a few pics of my and mary's trip today...

bread so fresh it was still warm. i'll have that with some
butter and cheese please (i would do well on a prison diet).
this needs no description.
mmm meat.
mary waiting to get served.

like a boss.
we sure love our pickles.
did anyone other than myself get bribed with mamba to behave
at the deli? maybe it's a polish thing.

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