Wednesday, May 26, 2010

apartment hunting

so, becky has arrived in new orleans for some interviewing and apartment hunting! i have to say, the entire process is exhausting, especially because it consists largely of looping around the city and looking for "for rent" signs. yesterday we repeated that process and followed up on some craigslist finds. here's a peak at our favorite so far:
the apartment comes complete with plenty of four-legged neighbors, including this weird stickbug

afterward, becky, bryan and i went to bridge lounge, our favorite place to go for yummy drinks. bridge lounge is in the lower garden district on magazine. it's a dog-friendly bar, so becky and i plan on coming with our future pups. until then, we'll continue to enjoy the candlelight, low ceilings, diverse playlist and great people watching.
my first drink was a maker's mint julep, followed by a margarita.
all of the drink selections written in colorful chalk
it was 4 pm on a tuesday. of course we were the first people there.

after bridge lounge, we stumbled into another apartment. i was too distracted playing with the current tenants' puppies to truly appreciate the apartment. after i bent over to pick a puppy up and spilled half of my margarita on the carpet, i knew this wasn't the place for us. we ended our day of hard work at baru bistro & tapas in east riverside. it was super delish AND a byob! (you know i love those)
bryan was a dear and ran to breaux mart to get us wine and came back with natty light.

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