Monday, May 3, 2010


in case anyone noticed that i dropped off the face of the earth, i am going to take this time to use my all-time best excuse that has gotten me out of birthdays, family parties, grocery trips, boring errands, doing dishes, and being a normal human being altogether throughout the last 3 years: i am in LAW SCHOOL. finals have taken over my life, yet again. given that this is my sixth and final finals season, i am going to make use of it yet again and beg your forgiveness for the continuing lapse in updates and my boring life in general.

the last 537298089032 days of my life (or so it feels) have been spent at the library. this is infinitely boring and not worth discussing. since the best library ever is one mile from my parents house, i have reacquainted myself with my childhood twin bed and moved in for the time being. that said, i sadly have nothing new to share. i walked home from the library today and normally would have shared with you some pretty pics from that exciting experience, but instead i spent the walk on the phone with my long-lost friend tony (no, not her!) and didn't take any shakeitphotos. so of course one of many afternoon study breaks consisted of fun pictures of my parents' house. enjoy!
my mason's collection! see, i told ya
i love this lamp
i love this little snail!
the artist, josef lacki, has a series called "venentian carnival," and this one of the series. my parents bought a bunch of mardi gras masks in new orleans last year and adorned them like so!

okay, i'm off to continue my exciting life.

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