Saturday, May 22, 2010

first friday in nola

this weekend is marty's friend julia's birthday, so marty, his roommate max, and some others (beneficiaries of birthday parties orchestrated in part by julia) returned the favor last night by organizing a small get-together at a po' boy shop and a walk over to the bayou boogaloo fest in mid-city. it was such a great way to spend a friday evening!
in the backseat of max's car, as usual. but in a convertible, i couldn't complain
max speeds, so my triumphant first view of downtown new orleans was hard to catch
we ate at the parkway bakery & tavern, which is the oldest po' shop in new orleans (unfortunately, the restaurant resolution was not satisfied - i've eaten here once before). can you believe the size of these po' boys? marty, the glutton that he is, had to order larges for us both.
we tried to walk off our food comas by heading over to the fest on bayou st. john
no new orleans festival is complete without live music. brother tyrone performed (go here to preview and buy his cd!)
all of the sweetest, most kidnap-worthy dogs were within my sight, of course
marty tried especially hard to proposition these two. their leashes were too short, unfortunately for me
i hope everyone's having a great weekend!

p.s. i didn't catch julia's surprise on camera because i think we'd met all of one time before last night. my creep-dom has its bounds, you know.

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