Friday, May 21, 2010

murphy's [aka margaret's] law

those of you who know me or have traveled with me can attest to the fact that bad luck tends to follow me around, especially when i'm in a new place. whether it's getting mugged in montevideo, walking pneumonia in barcelona, food poisoning on a train from budapest to warsaw, or getting broken into 3 weeks after moving in to my new apartment in chicago... i am truly murphy's law incarnate.

you know where this is going...

rewind to a few days ago, when i asked a friend moving to new orleans to throw my bike in her uhaul and bring it down; she obliged. after class today i walked to her new apartment to pick it up. her place is just over a mile from the law school, and i was fully prepared to sweat my way there and breezily bike my way back. no big deal, right? well, of course things could not be so easy. i put the front tire back on (after it was taken off to fit in the truck) and drove about a mile away from my friend's when it promptly deflated. thankfully i'd seen a bike shop near her house so i walked the bike, dejected, the mile back and got it fixed. following a reprimand for not keeping the tires properly inflated, i triumphantly drove away (but not before throwing my backpack on my back and tearing the strap off my dress).

i made it halfway home before the other (clearly over-inflated) tire popped.

[cue sobbing phone call to marty]

so here i am. drinking a pbr with a deflated bike locked to the front porch feeling sorry for myself. based on my past experiences, however, i know that after i get my one bad luck ordeal out of the way, things tend to look up. until then, i might just use some retail therapy as a mood-booster (starting with this... after all, i have to make peace with my bike if things are going to get better).

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