Friday, May 14, 2010

graduate!! [well, almost]

i've finally tasted freedom following finals! yesterday my lovely friends and i headed to ja grill for a small celebration over rum drinks and stew chicken.
one of the signature drinks - dark & stormy (dark rum and ginger beer)
the red lighting is kind of nice - you cannot see how full we are

afterward we stopped at annette's, one of jaime's favorite places. i told myself i couldn't leave chicago without trying out annette's ice cream and i am so glad i did (although i am currently nursing a food hangover because of everything i consumed)
even at 10:30 pm we had to wait in line
missy pointing out my choice, anniversary cake = cake batter ice cream with sprinkles and pieces of cake mixed in! omg.
we met this little friend in line. he had the biggest personality and biggest bug-eyes i'd ever seen. true to dog form, i couldn't get him to pose.
love this sign by annette's... bikes need respect!

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