Saturday, May 8, 2010

deal[s] of the day!

well my brain break is in full effect. i rode my bike up to lakeview and got a little retail therapy in to distract myself from studying (and thankfully beat the rain!!) let me tell you... i made a killing!
ikat print scarf from world market (find a similar one here)
prayer shawl, world market (yay, more scarves!)
stopped in my favorite consignment shop, buy popular demand, and picked up this ann taylor dress for $7!
little fishy earrings from the consignment shop, $2 - i had to get them!
gold, black and blue earrings, world market (similar to these, i knowwww)
consignment leather belt, $4
so my mom got these fish earrings years ago in mexico - and then proceeded to lose the other half. i've kept one fish, trying to work up the courage to wear just one earring (i don't know if i'm cool enough to pull that off), but now he has buddies! i plan on wearing all three. it's a good thing i went through an ear-piercing phase freshman year of high school.
i had to stock up on incense
best purchase of the day! i've been craving a pair of allstars for rainy, cooler, casual days for the longest time and found TEAL ONES! ya'll know i love my teal...

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