Wednesday, May 26, 2010

wednesday at the square

starting in march and going through june, the young leadership council organizes wednesday[s] at the square, a weekly concert featuring local musicians, food vendors and artists which takes place in lafayette square. yesterday marty and i went as part of a mini study break and to get our minds off things for a while.
queso con crawfish and freshly handmade tortilla chips from lucy's = 5 tickets and SO yum!
one ribmeat taco and one brisket taco = 6 tickets
i cannot attest to their taste as marty shared but one bite of each
what's great about wednesday at the square is that it's a wednesday - so you know it's all locals. a lot of time people will come straight from work!
balancing precariously on a statue* and nearly tearing the back of my dress to get this picture was totally worth it
next time, chairs and blankets are a must! unfortunately there are only 2 wednesdays left before it gets too hot in new orleans to stay in one place for too long. but the last week of the series always features galactic and this year they're coming with soul rebels! we won't be missing that.

*i almost wrote STATUTE! gag.

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