Monday, May 17, 2010

the 100th

well, it finally happened! graduation, that is. i think it is incredibly appropriate that my 100th post is also the one where i finally get around to sharing pictures of my graduation! like any other ceremony, it wasn't terribly exciting. having to stand in my new shoes while all 322 graduates were named, hooded and walked across the stage was a very pleasant surprise. i shared the day with my family, however, and that was all i needed.
ela and casey, my parents' best friends, marty's mom and my mom
father and son, as if you couldn't tell
hooded! i am a juris doctor now
thank you to my wonderful family for making this day so special!

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  1. ah I'm so sad I had to be lame and study all weekend and miss the festivities :o( hope you had a great time celebrating, you deserve it!