Tuesday, February 23, 2010

chocolate-covered strawberries

who doesn't love them? i decided to make some for my parents, for two reasons:

1. they seem to not be able to figure out how to make them
1.5 i know that this is partly because i make the best chocolate-covered strawberries, so as long as my parents don't know how, i will continue to make them (sneaky sneaky)
2. chocolate-covered strawberries are so fun to make!

look how perfect they are!

yes i had a strawberry photoshoot

melting these guys is a process - so messy but fun!

i didn't have wax paper, so pam and a cookie sheet
did the trick

finished product! i totally ate about half of them.
mark took care of the other half.

my adorable parents!*

*this was when i introduced them to cafe baba reeba on valentine's day (obviously, since they usually don't wearing matching red shirts when they go out in public) and they LOVED it. baba is offering a restaurant week menu... i might just have to venture down the block...

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