Friday, February 26, 2010

cuba libre movement

when my lovely friend lindsay got me my job here at g&c music factory, my interview consisted of the following:

me: hi, i'm margaret, here's my resume, sorry i'm sweating, i ran here in heels.
[everyone is in jeans]
boss: [throws resume on desk] martha, it's nice to meet you. when can you start?
me: um, well i'm free the rest of the day. i can start now.
boss: GREAT! lindsay, show margaret around.
[tour of office takes two seconds because it is approx. 1000 sq. ft. "interview" continues:]
boss: so. this is the most important question. do you drink cuba libre?
margaret: um, yes. i do.
boss: GREAT! you're hired. go get started.

so this is how i was introduced to our friday afternoon ritual, known as "document review," which in no way consists of reviewing documents (altho it's fun to freak out new clerks and tell them they have to prepare documents for review. i never got punked like this because i was in on the ritual from the get-go). so excuse me as i go properly kick off my weekend...

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