Thursday, February 18, 2010

don't quit your day job

so i've decided that if being a lawyer doesn't pan out, i can always become a pizza maker. so, domino's, pizza hut, sarpino's, pizza guys at whole foods, if you're hiring, keep me in mind. i have a very extensive resume of pizza eating. my palate is quite refined and i'm very understanding of going halfsies on toppings (that was always a big deal at my house, when back in the day all i would eat was cheese and sausage and my "i pride myself on eating like a rabbit" mom insisted on veggies ONLY... and now here i am):

the deliciously fresh veggies are all from stanley's fruits and vegetables on north ave and damen. GO THERE. my roommate and i stopped in on a whim and discovered a fresh fruit and veg gem (especially if you're on a budget)! in a city covered in snow, where we haven't seen the sun in weeks, stanley's makes you feel like you've walked into an outdoor farmer's market. the endless free samples of their fresh, homemade potato chips are pretty nice too...

roommate with the finished product!!!

what should we name our creation?

ps it was DEElish. don't be jealous of
our culinary prowess. whole foods, beware.

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