Monday, February 22, 2010

millennium adventure

after our delicious brunch at the gage, marty and i decided we needed to burn some calories at millennium park. he insisted on seeing the bean (sorry! cloud gate). i was just happy to take some pictures, despite the poor lighting conditions (fog is never good. everything is the SAME COLOR (grey)).

i would appreciate this scene much more if it were
taken december 24.
instead, i took this photo on february 21. not cool.

i've taken this picture about 10 times before.
never gets old.

the bean is very conducive to goofing around.

on the bridge connecting millennium park and
the new modern wing at the art institute.
not worth $8 mil, in my opinion.

i would be a lot happier with this picture
if the sky didn't look so dreary.

i took advantage of the fact that the crown fountain
was turned off to be able to pose this picture.

told ya it was cloudy
this picture was taken from the super-fancy university club
(marty's dad is a member, ooh la la)

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