Wednesday, August 11, 2010

token lolla post

*behold, the skinny arm pose

after buying tickets years ago (okay, 3 months ago. but since then i have graduated from law school, moved from the midwest to the south, taken the bar exam, moved out of an apartment, rented a new one AND gotten a job - it feels like a long time has passed), lolla weekend finally came! it was super fun and we discovered old friends and new musicians. here are some of the memories:
fedora CENTRAL
the fancy-pants tents
reunited with my friend brig from college. we hadn't seen each other in over three years! we re-bonded over a mutual love/obsession (love for brig, obsession for me) for gaga
gaga crowd with a beautiful backdrop, wouldn't you say?
end of day 1. whew!
perry's stage, the techno/house/drum & base tent. we spent a lot of time here
gogol bordello! still my number one favorite act (sorry, gaga)
friends in the crowd during deer tick
i finally wore my fishy earrings together. it was an aquarium.
the crowd starting to gather for edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros (see one of their videos here)
edward sharpe was so crowded that people were climbing trees to see them!
back at perry's. i believe this was rusko
normally you wouldn't see a bunch of hippies plopped down in the middle of columbus drive
end of day 2. exhaustion is starting to settle in
nneka in the pouring rain. we're dedicated
in the "biergarten," the only place in the park you could buy anything other than budweiser
watching blitzen trapper (???), waiting for mumford and sons, who were amazing!
a little mango italian ice to cool us off.

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