Thursday, August 26, 2010

and the award for worst blog updater EVER goes to...

yours truly!

thank you, thank you. i'd like to thank phish for their two-night run in wisconsin, a 1000-mile road trip in a 17-foot truck, a few minor accidents in said truck, a short stop in memphis, a sweaty move-in to my new apartment, and a number of other adventures that caused my blog hiatus. the last three weeks were hectic, to say the least.

in honor of my win, i'm going to spend the day blogging because i'm burnt out on apartment stuff. i have a ton of pictures to share from the last few weeks' escapades - and once i purge all of these, i can get started on apartment photos!

after lolla, i spent a week packing. thrilling. the following weekend we headed up to marty's grandparents' lakehouse in wisconsin for some swimming, tubing, pigging out and phish! since i have plenty of concert pics as it is (seen here and here), i mostly photographed the hilariousness that is the lakehouse. purchased and decorated in 1981, it has remained largely unchanged since then - including the liquor cabinet.
exhibit a: "famous gin" and an unopened glass bottle of tonic water, including random floaties, inviting one to "taste the rainbow"
whitewater lake, wisconsin. lakehouse comes equipped with a speedboat circa 1982, flooded engine included.
we started the weekend's festivities with alpine subs from my hometown, elmwood park...
...and some zapp's potato chips from my new town, flown in for the occasion by marty
yes, that is real shag carpeting. and an organ.
and original nintendo. and a jukebox. and wood paneling.
marty and his super talented younger cousin matt immediately set off to make music
more friends, more instruments. i snapped my fingers and tried to remain anonymous during the jam sesh, so as not to make obvious my tone-deafness and general lack of musicality

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