Tuesday, August 10, 2010


i seriously cannot get over my obsession with ikat. i must find a way to incorporate it in my new place (unfortunately, that ambition has, thus far, fallen through). the other day i encountered some beautiful, heavy ikat-printed fabric at the fabric store and almost danced away with the entire spool before determining that a 10'x11' room of ikat curtains, pillows and a duvet cover might be a bit much. so i am back to the drawing board. here are some of my favorite ikat items from around the web:
drum lampshade from etsy seller and lampshade designer studioJOTA
slipper chair from urban i wish
folding chair from anthropologie*

so this next item might not really decorate my apartment per se, but i could leave my closet door open:
ikat clutch from felix rey

finally, some babes in ikat dresses. i. want. them. all. (the dresses. okay and january jones)
which item is your favorite? i need suggestions!

*ahem. let me be clear that none of these items (read: anthro folding chair for $200) are within my price range. but a girl can dream. and be inspired. and ask for giftcards.

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