Friday, August 27, 2010

road warriors*

our truck, before it met its fate. it was a trusty companion during our trek, for the most part.
because we had no means of music listening other than the radio, and i wasn't about to blast my nearly two-year-old iphone (read: the battery last approx. 16 minutes nowadays), we shuffled through stations like cards.

here's what i learned:
radio stations love to play nickelback. that is true in the north and the south, and everywhere in between
there are NO options other than country music south of st. louis - not even npr. or gangsta rap.
elton john - and in particular his tune "don't go breakin' my heart" - can be heard at least twice an hour on a cross-country road trip, if you really try

*p.s. i know just yesterday i promised to blog all day. and i blogged once. but i wouldn't be living up to my title as queen of the inconsistent updaters if i'd actually lived up to that goal. today will be better, i promise.

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