Friday, January 21, 2011

welcome to 2011 - with baby fever!

it feels to me like 2011 has greeted the universe with a baby boom. several friends of friends' (so, in polish, my "cousins") have had some adorable little bambinos in the last week. all of my hollywood besties - namely, natalie portman, alicia silverstone, victoria beckham and marion cotillard (swoon!) - are with child. two of my favorite bloggers (this cutie and this lil bee) are expecting as well. and to top things off, my ADORABLE friend evelyn is having a little boy in a few short weeks!

i do take issue with evelyn, of course, because we took the bar together and it took me until thanksgiving to realize she was in her first trimester during bar study. mind you, this was the girl waking up at the buttcrack of dawn to go to a 6am hot yoga class before bar review and then lapping me at the library every single day (if and when i showed up, that is). here i already thought evelyn was undoubtedly the most put-together person i'd ever met, only to find out she was with child the entire time. needless to say, i'm really glad i passed too because otherwise i would have felt like a real idiot next to her.

evelyn of course made it up to me by inviting me to her baby shower! all is forgiven, as it was my first ever baby shower (marty's, too... thank god for co-ed everything these days!). i take great pride in the gifts we (right - "we") chose - a short stack of golden books (talk about blast from the past!) and some adorable onesies from storyville, a great local screenprint shop with the funniest shirts ever! the shower was so sweet. i can't wait to meet little michael!

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