Monday, December 6, 2010

oh, christmas tree

this being my first christmas in new orleans, i decided to go with a non-traditional tree to compliment my collection of blown-glass ornaments. and by tree, i mean trees. given that there is no snow, few leaves on the ground (after all, palm trees don't go bare for the winter) and temperatures holding pretty steadily in the 60s, i figured that the only way to properly get into the christmas spirit would be to turn my apartment into the north pole. so, i bought two trees, the largest, longest strands of lights i could find, and a rustic wreath that becky covered in glittery cupcakes. we settled into our north faces (this continues to excite becky, the floridian), brewed some tea and caramel hot chocolate, and blasted n'sync's christmas album while we decorated our little home.

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