Monday, January 31, 2011

the book nook

since my work friends and i started a book club, the little reading nook becky and i created by our big bright window in our all-purpose room has totally come in handy. from it you can see our huge magnolia tree and the neighbors' bright blue pool surrounded by palm trees. you feel like you're on vacation! thanks to our book nook, i finished the irresistible henry house in a flash (probably because it was amazing and so fun to read) - although nothing, not even a full pot of coffee and the sun streaming in could make freedom bearable (sorry, new york times and the millions of people who got duped into liking this book). during book club downtime i've finished water for elephants (i realize i am three years late in hopping on that bandwagon but i was blown away - the circus is so fascinating!) and now i'm reading the help, which made driving through jackson, mississippi this weekend interesting since the book takes place there in the 1960s (more on the birthday roadtrip later!). next on the book club's agenda is the next thing on my list! since i got to pick henry house, it won't be my turn for quite a while, but does anyone have any book recommendations? i've got a book nook and i need to use it!

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