Wednesday, November 9, 2011

kitchen curtains and a tour, while we're at it


when my parents came to visit a few weeks ago the housewarming gift i asked for a sewing machine. since then, and in preparation for a sew sew darling class i signed up for with my friend renae, i've been experimenting with little projects - namely, these reusable cocktail napkins. last night i finished some simple curtains for the kitchen. since i had the forethought to take pictures of the apartment (i do share an office with a housing attorney after all), i figured i would share some before and after pics of the kitchen... bear in mind it's a work in progress (especially the wall art - suggestions are welcome :)
 my succulents i've managed to keep alive, in some vintage planters i've started collecting
 another yard sale find: an incomplete scrabble set we bought for $2 that i turned into magnets for us to write notes to each other

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