Monday, November 21, 2011

oak street po-boy festival

 fresh off the coattails of our lawmakers' decision to promote childhood obesity, the city of new orleans (being the picture of health, after all) hosted probably the most highly-anticipated food festival of the year: the oak street po-boy festival. in an attempt to beat the crowds - because, you know, god forbid we have to wait in line to buy a 3rd, 4th or 5th po-boy - we skipped breakfast and hit the fest at 11. by 11:15 i was satiated and by 11:30 i had commenced self-loathing. thankfully oak street is long, parking was limited and the temperature hit 80 degrees by noon, so by the time we reached the car, i had sweated out at least one of the po-boys and an entire beer (which, in my mind, means i broke even by having one normal-sized meal. go me). 
ya. i don't know.
the bread had more security than herman cain.

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