Friday, October 14, 2011

yard sale bandit

the last few weeks marty and i have spent our saturday mornings scouring the city for budget-friendly used shit treasures to dress up our home. although we have managed to find some amazing pieces, it hasn't all been smooth sailing. looking for yard sales on craigslist is like looking for anything else on craigslist - you're going to find normal people with decent taste and you're also going to find the people who are using their old crap as a ruse to kidnap you. my personal favorites included the girl who was selling the entire contents of her kitchen (such as half-empty bags of cornstarch and paprika) and the guy whose moving sale included his, ahem, used adult magazines.
i found this beauty in the lower garden for $8. its owner was giving away free beer with every $2 purchase. well played, lady. well played.
still haven't quite figured out what to do with this amazing ikat fabric... pillows? reupholstering this crazy/amazing chair i bought from the beer lady? 
for $5. right. 
 fiesta ware! in turquoise! this was one of those yard sale moments when you look around and say to yourself, am i the only one seeing this? is it a yard sale mirage?! and then you try not to knock anything over as you lunge at it. true story.
this is just adorable. enough said.
don't quite know what i'll do with these yet. i'm sure pinterest will hook it up.
a natural accent for our bedroom

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