Tuesday, October 18, 2011

empanada night

i am always looking for easy ways to use up leftovers and eat lots of vegetables. that's why marty and i are huge fans of homemade pizza - really, it's just a plate made of dough onto which we throw random chopped up goodies. i recently discovered that my grocery store carries goya empanada dough and was thrilled because there are literally a million different things that can be put in an empanada: chicken, beef, any vegetable under the sun, cheese, guava (for all those times i have extra guava lying around)... so, for dinner the other night i made onion and cheese empanadas (using a recipe from here) along with some delicious chimichurri. best of all, they were baked, not fried (i had enough grease-soaked empanadas in south america:)

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