Monday, September 12, 2011

new baby second line

 my friend nikki is expecting a little bambino at the end of the month, so she and her husband threw a welcome baby party in their beautiful backyard last night. i call it a welcome baby party as opposed to a baby shower because they were not showered with gifts (that's why showers are called showers, right?) - instead, the soon-to-be-parents asked for support, parenting tips, secondhand baby items and dinner after the baby is born (learn more about alternative gift registries here). i probably won't be able to resist getting them one of these anyway, but that's just me. so the icing on this backyard barbecue was the second line with the 21st century brass band around nikki's neighborhood, which started with the dad-to-be dancing on the shed in the backyard. 

here are some other awesome things i've gotten to do in nola in people's back yards - here and here

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