Wednesday, September 14, 2011

new apartment projects: before & after

 just thought i'd share some projects i've worked on since marty and i moved into our new apartment. to start, i wanted to minimize the amount of different types of wood we have in our apartment, since the floors, moldings and door jambs are all covered in it. so, i repainted my old bedroom dresser, added new hardware and put it in the dining room as a buffet (here are some images i used for two-tone inspiration)
 we scooped up this amazing kroehler chair at an estate sale for $25! all it needed was fresh upholstering on the bottom and a new throw pillow (its final resting place in our apartment is still tbd). for now, it will serve as extra seating for book club and saints games.
 since we can't afford new nightstands right now (which are surprisingly expensive for such insignificant pieces of furniture!), i decided to take the existing, mismatched ones we had and paint them a uniform color, so they would at least match for the time being. here's one of them:
 finally, a few weeks ago becky and i went exploring in her creepy new [old] basement and we found an adorable, but grimy, little fan that had been hidden in the bowels of her garden district house for who knows how long. the only "before" picture i have is this one becky took of me discovering old documents and letters from the early 1960s. because the fan was in such bad shape (i'm inclined to blame katrina?), it desperately needed a steel wool-scrubbing and a paint job, so we went with a sexy black. 

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