Tuesday, June 14, 2011


 just thought i would share some photos from our recent trip to jamaica, which basically consisted of beach, red stripe, jerk chicken, repeat. we stayed in negril and spent a night in montego bay. in negril, we stayed in an adorable boutique hotel, the palms negril, where everyone knew our name by the end of the first day, we didn't have to fight over beach chairs and no one judged us when we ordered hawaiian pizza and played cards on our porch. our biggest adventure consisted of an accidental trip to the famous and super annoying rick's cafe (we intended to go to the sweet spot, a local jerk chicken joint. and when we got into the cab the cab driver sped off and we thought he knew where we wanted to go. and he thought we wanted rick's cafe. so that's how that happened). and of course parasailing - the most effortless $10 a minute i ever spent.

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