Monday, June 6, 2011

bridal brunch

 not surprisingly, i have had a slew of friends get engaged these last few months (at age 26? shocking, i know). most recently, our friends shelby and charley (yes! of athena fame!) decided to get hitched, so becky and i jumped on the chance to put together a little ladies brunch to celebrate. we ate at atchafalaya, where we toasted with make-your-own bloody mary's and silly mustache straws and wore diamond rings that put shelby's to shame (i think you'll see the comparison down below - no competition!).
the bride-to-be at the head of the table, so she could be adored properly
another future bride!
of course, no congratulatory brunch would be complete without a photo shoot in front of a giant cast-iron skillet holding handmade pinwheels. duh! congrats shelb! and meghan too! 

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