Monday, April 4, 2011

dining chair update: before and after

i recently purchased a mid-century dining set (finally! 8 months without a table has been kind of annoying). i instantly fell in love with the chairs but they needed a little love. aside from the fact that the padding was so thin it was like sitting on the floor, the upholstery was torn, covered in cat hair and hideous. ok, maybe needing only a "little" love is an understatement.

re-upholstering the chairs was pretty easy, but time-consuming and frustrating. frustrating because whoever re-upholstered the chairs 30 years ago went the lazy route and covered the original upholstery instead of removing it first and starting clean. SO it was time-consuming because it took me twice as long to get down to the seat. after that, all i did was add a layer of 1-inch foam, wrapped the seat in batting and stapled down the fabric. it took a while to figure out the best technique, but about halfway through i declared i'd become a professional (i think the corner, pictured below, proves my point).
the old upholstery. "ew" doesn't even begin to describe it.

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  1. THAT explains my crazed allergies.. the damn cat hair