Tuesday, April 5, 2011

one day at horrorland

this past weekend, becky, liz and i decided to be a little adventurous and a lot illegal and visit the abandoned six flags just outside of new orleans, which has been closed since hurricane katrina. it was unlike anything we'd ever seen - creepy, empty, terrifying - even in broad daylight.

it was the real-life version of r.l. stine's above-referenced goosebumps book, which haunted me so that i still remember its number in the series.

the entrance is scattered with debris, office equipment, old computers, and graffiti'ed admonitions, discouraging one's entrance into the park. further in we found defunct amusement rides with the cars still stuck up top and stuffed animals that had floated out of the carnival game booths and into the middle of the park. the "guest relations" office boasted a water line of approximately 4 feet. after our bravery ran out (which didn't take long), we were happy to leave this amusement park graveyard.

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