Thursday, February 3, 2011

meet me in st. louis

only slightly behind schedule, marty and i hit the road toward st. louis after our day in memphis. following our arrival, we met up with marty's sisters nora and annie and annie's husband dan. our first stop was gus' pretzels for a quick snack. the options were as follows: hot dogs, brats or salsiccia baked into pretzels, and pretzels. following this nutritious brain food we took a tour of the anheuser-busch brewery. by "tour" i mean we attended beer school and got to see the famed budweiser clydesdales! unbeknownst to me, a-b actually owns a herd of 250 clydesdales. we got to see like 10 of them and it was awesome! they had the funniest names, including mark, laddie, general and bill. after seeing the clydesdales we moved on to the hospitality portion of the tour (forgoing the touring part of the tour altogether) and enjoyed some freshly brewed brews.

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