Wednesday, February 9, 2011

end of road trip blues

my week's worth of reminiscing is sadly coming to an end. our second day in st. louis was... how do i adequately describe it... do you remember that feeling you had every sunday morning (or, in my case, afternoon and well into the evening) in college? well, suffice it to say that nora showed everyone a grand old time. the night before started with pitchers of beer, toasted ravioli and darts. to say it went downhill from there would be an understatement. we proceeded to dance party in nora's adorable apartment and make spectacles of ourselves in front of all of her seemingly way-more-mature-than-we-ever-were-at-their-age friends. this was followed by karaoke - in public - where we sang "kiss" by prince and also participated wholeheartedly in everyone else's strangers' karaoke selections. approximately 9 hours in our night and 7 hours after everyone should have gone to bed, we headed to the notorious underage bar on campus where it felt like an episode of teen mom. in my jeans, knee-high flats, knee-length puffy coat and cardigan, i looked at my fellow [frighteningly underdressed considering the subzero temps outside] bargoers with the same look of concern i normally give 18-year-old janelle while she's out clubbing and leaves jace at home...
teen mom 2 fans? anybody? no? okay, moving on...
finally the night ended with 3am pizza, appropriately bookending our day of health and nutrition. the next day was spent peeling everybody out of bed before check-out, taking last-minute photographs of st. louis to prove to my parents i actually did something on this trip other than eat and drink, and visiting famed bbq joint pappy's smokehouse before hitting the road. it was a whirlwind!

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