Friday, April 6, 2012

for my favorite ladies

when i started thinking about how i would ask seven of my nearest and dearest to become my personal slaves for the next 11 months (y'all knew that when you said yes, right?:), the first thing i did was scour etsy, paper source, and bhldn, and hit up every stationery store i could find here in new orleans. i couldn't find anything that really suited my taste (i fear that is going to be a common theme - although these cuties from rifle paper co. were contenders for a while), so i decided to make the cards myself. based on this diy stationery set from a beautiful mess, i "embroidered" (i'm using quotes because my amateur technique can hardly be called embroidery) cotton squares with "will you be my bridesmaid?", sewed them onto blank greeting cards and wrote messages inside. i lined the kraft envelopes with pretty chevron paper and sent my creations off to my favorite people. and they all said yes :) 

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