Friday, October 8, 2010

MORE big news!

i passed the bar! after months of waiting (and weeks and weeks spent studying, but that's neither here nor there) i FINALLY got the results - and i have passed!

this is, without a doubt, the only time in my life i've wanted a test result to be positive

anyway, my title is officially esquire. my friend maggie, who also passed, told me yesterday that her mother started referring to her as "maggie, esq." so now everything maggie does is soooo maggie-esque. it has a nice ring to it, wouldn't you agree?

to celebrate, a big group of us went to commander's palace, which is surely one of the most fancy-pants restaurants in new orleans. while i'd have been just as happy grabbing a celebratory po' boy and an abita, what drew us in was the discounted lunch menu and the 25 cent martinis.
mini-cocktails, courtesy of the owner after she found out we had 3 newly-barred attorneys at the table
my pork tenderloin with roasted pumpkin and liquified hazelnut
marty's duck po' boy
my absolute favorite people


  1. Wish I couldve been there!!! So proud!!! Muah!

  2. Looks all fancy there. i've always wanted to go, so next time I'm in town we have to hit that up! congratulations again!